Random Facts

  1. I attended an all girls school in middle school and high school and loved every second of it. My friends from Columbus School for Girls are still my very best friends who I can talk to about anything.
  2. When I was a television producer, I was nominated for two Emmy’s but never won! I really wanted one of those pretty trophies.
  3. I spent my junior year studying at the University of Exeter in England where I took nothing but literature, writing and film classes. It was one of the best and hardest years of my life (difficult being so far away from family and friends) and helped to shape me as a person and a writer.
  4. I’m obsessed with TV shows about prison. I think I’ve seen every single episode of Lockup on MSNBC.
  5. I put 10 M&M’s in my oatmeal because I’m an adult and can do what I want.
  6. I’m an older sister and find birth order fascinating.
  7. I met my husband in an airport. We were both on the same flight down to Florida and even though I was wearing no makeup and sweatpants, I couldn’t stop myself from talking to him. I knew I was going to marry him after that first meeting.
  8. I have been known to eat the same exact lunch during the work week for years at a time. I think I once ate chicken soup, turkey and a cucumber tomato salad for 3 years.